Is Blindside 100% FreE? Are there Ads?

Yes, Blindside is 100% free of charge. The set of features currently available will be free forever.
No, there are currently no ads running on Blindside. Just take a look for yourself!

Which kinds of spoRts are there?

Blindside is made for all kinds of sports. You can contribute content for your sport directly through the app. Currently most exercises you'll find are from handball, basketball, football (soccer) and team sport focused athletic training.

Social Training Platform - what is that?

As the first social training platform we believe in the democratization of training content, meaning everybody can create and share sports content (exercises, drills, training plans & collections). This ensures you can compose the perfect training for your team and if you like, share it to inspire others yet again.

We want to position ourselves in clear opposition to unfair treatment and paternalism of coaches, teams and athletes.

How DO I contact Blindside?

We're happy to assist you! Just slide in our Instagram DMs, give us a call, or write an email to info@blindside.pro

Is Blindside ALSO USEFUL for players AND athletes?

Of course, you can also sign in to Blindside as an athlete and discover drills. In the future you will also find training plans and drill collections designed for players specifically.

YOUR Players
wILL LovE.